At Robina Town Child Care centre we believe that children learn through play.

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We believe that children learn through play. We believe the experience the child has whilst engaging in play is the important factor in promoting development. The product of these learning experiences is of secondary importance; it is the process, not the product, that provides the learning. In our programs the equipment is a tool to enable the child to explore the process. As early childhood professionals, the staff implement programs that provide a rich and integrated range of experiences that enhance the child’s learning and development.

The Early Years Learning Framework
The Early Years Learning Framework consists of principles, practice and outcomes which are fundamental in supporting and enhancing young children’s learning. The Framework also has a strong emphasis on play-based learning as play is best way for children to organise and make sense of their social worlds and also providing the most appropriate stimulus for brain development.

The 5 learning outcomes that will assist children’s learning are:

  • A strong sense of identity
  • Connections with their world
  • A strong sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence and involvement in their learning
  • Effective communication skills

QLD Government -Kindergarten Approved Program

Babies Room

Babies Room

Ages: 0-2 years. Ratio: 1 Educator to 4 children with a maximum of 8 children.

What an exciting time of learning! Babies are constantly learning and exploring in all areas of their development at this age, as their neural pathways are developed in all areas including: physical, social, emotional cognitive and language developmental areas. A baby’s main source of learning at this age comes from learning through play and exploring the world that surrounds them. At Robina Town Childcare centre we provide a safe, secure, respectful & dynamic environment that allows your baby to be stimulated, cared for & to thrive individually in all areas of development, as we work together with not only the children themselves but the family as a whole.

Some common developmental milestone achievements in this age group:

  • Rolls a ball and crawls to retrieve
  • Smiles and laughs
  • Responds to name
  • Enjoys toys, banging objects, scrunching paper & learning how things work
  • Learns to sit, crawl, stand, climb, walk, climb & run
  • Dances to music, including actions of favourite nursery rhymes
  • Develops grip, control & handedness as they scribble with pencil & crayons
  • Begins to cooperate when playing with others
  • Points to objects when named
  • Knows some body parts
  • Comprehends and follows simple questions & instructions
  • Says first name

Develops vocabulary for a variety of words, sounds & even 2 word sentences

Toddlers Room

Ages: 1.5-3 years. Ratio: 1 Educator to 5 children with a maximum of 15 children.

Being a toddler at our Centre may just look like a whole lot of fun but as Toddlers this is how we learn best. Being a toddler makes for a busy, energetic & exciting day & here at Robina Town Child Care Centre we provide them with a variety of experiences to help them flourish, thrive & get as much out of their play (learning) as possible. From meal times, to toilet training, to language, self-help skills & developing their independence we provide them with the care, intentional teaching, child initiated experiences & learning environments that they need to reach their full potential.

Some common developmental milestone achievements in this age group:

  • They have achieved good gross motor function & control including: walking, running, climbing & jumping
  • They are developing hand/eye coordination with the development of ball skills such as catching, throwing, kicking & bouncing, these are often enjoyed in group play scenarios as well
  • Relationships & friendships are established as toddlers begin to play with one another
  • Begins to show understanding & awareness of own & others emotions
  • Are able to build towers out of a variety of objects competently
  • Show identification & recognition of common objects within their environments & pictures through both verbal & non-verbal communication such as pointing, for example.
  • Enjoys a variety of sensory play that allows them to explore & understand the world around them
  • Participates in & shows enjoyment of dramatic play such as cooking in home corner & dress ups for example
  • Is able to string more words together making simple sentences as their vocabulary continues to expand, including the asking of lots of questions such as “what’s that” for example.

Senior Kindy 

Ages: 2.5-4.5 years. Ratio: 1 Educator to 5 children (2.5-3years of age) & 1 staff to 11 children (3-4.5 years of age) with a maximum of 22 children.

In our Senior Kindy room our play & experiences become more structured as we show confidence, responsibility & ability with mastering our self-help, language, social, emotional & independence skills. We engage with others daily; learning with & from one another. We begin to explore & express our understanding of: shapes, colours, numbers & letters, as well as developing our fine motor skills which are an important part of our pre writing development. We enjoy using the outdoors for dramatic free play experiences, as well as taking care of & showing responsibility for our environments such as our flower, herb & vegie gardens.

Some common developmental milestone achievements in this age group:

  • Is able to dress/undress themselves confidently with minimal assistance
  • Shows ownership & understanding of possessions such as their water bottles, shoes & lunch boxes
  • They can hop, jump with 2 feet & run in complex patterns easily , as well as gallop, skip & balance on structures such as balance beams, while utilising climbing structures & obstacle courses showing understanding of concepts & gross motor movements required to participate
  • They enjoy socialising, playing & conversing with one another & have formed friendship groups. In these social interactions they are able to share & cooperate with one another.
  • Shows understanding of positional & measurement concepts, such as beginning & end & big & little
  • They are able to use a variety of mediums & objects to construct & create with & explain their creations
  • They are able to ask & answer a variety of simple questions

Kindergarten Room

Ages: 3.5-5 years. Ratio: 1 Educator to 11 with a maximum of 22 children.

Our Kindergarten room offers a Kindergarten approved program, coordinated by a bachelor qualified teacher. Our kindergarten program focuses on school readiness & preparing the kindergarten children to be competent, confident & capable members of the school community. We follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines & incorporate structured routines, child guided learning & of course play in our day to day delivery. This holistic & dynamic learning helps to ensure children are nurtured & equipped with everything they need to enter into big school ready & confident.

Some common developmental milestone achievements in this age group:

  • Communication & understanding of basic numeracy and cognitive concepts such as; sequence counting, perception skills, problem solving & puzzles.
  • Basic literacy skills, such as tracing over lines, dots, patterns, connect the dots & in some cases recognising and writing letters of own name or complete name. They are also able to hold writing utensils using thumb & 2 fingers & can draw simple shapes & objects
  • Building the confidence required to engage in recounting recent events they have been involved in and story-telling in front of peers.

Developing our overall fine motor skills through learning experiences such as threading, cutting, moulding, manipulative play for example.


We offer a number of onsite extracurricular activities including: Tennis with Coach Matt, Future Champs developing a healthy lifestyle & building our gross motor development, Happy Feet with the beautiful Miss Ru, Munchkin League a great little NRL footy program & also Japanese lessons with our very own Miss Masako! We are also running our very own ‘Bush Kindy’ Program every Tuesday in our Senior Kindy & Kindergarten Room at the Jack Wilson Park next to our Service. Look at our wonderful Bush Kindy environment.