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Assisting your child in developing all skills necessary for success now and in the future

The educators here at Robina Town Child Care Centre recognise that family is the greatest influence in a young child’s life.  Working closely with each family, and having an open door policy ensures that children and families experience belonging and feel connected within the centre and the wider community.  This partnership eases the transition from home to the centre and later, to school.

We believe children develop at their own pace and that they progress through an identifiable sequence of physical, cognitive and emotional growth and change.  We appreciate that each child has unique needs, interests and strengths and therefore each child is catered for as an individual.

We believe experiences should be meaningful to the child, based on his/her interests, strengths and needs, and cater for their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development through careful planning and observation.

We believe in offering an environment that is calm, welcoming, stimulating, organised, safe, and predictable and empowers the child to feel secure and encourages a sense of being. This comprises being free from bias, prejudice and additional needs.

We believe in providing a variety of scaffolding strategies to guide, support and extend the child’s learning.  Constant positive role modelling and reinforcement, as well as setting consistent, clear guidelines, will assist the child to develop problem solving skills and also develop a sense of becoming.

Planning, observing, communicating and working as a team in collaboration with families and the community assist staff in providing a meaningful program and maximises optimum care and attention for each child.

We believe daily living experiences such as toileting, dressing and resting are valued and seen as opportunities for learning and social development.

We believe in offering both indoor and outdoor experiences that foster curiosity, mathematical thinking, language and literacy development personal, social development, creativity and aesthetic awareness through music experiences, gross motor and fine motor experiences on a daily basis.

The centre management has a commitment to offering support towards children, their families, staff and the community.

We always aim to provide the highest quality care to the whole child while they are in attendance at our centre:

In relation to the Child:
We believe and value that each child:

CP1 Be valued as an individual regardless of age, cultural background and additional needs.
CP2 Has the opportunity to develop at their own pace and are able to share opinions, ideas, interests and experiences in a warm genuine atmosphere.
CP3 Has the right to feel safe and secure and have a sense of belonging in all situations. CP4 Should feel part of our community and respect all cultures and special needs that are part of our everyday lives.
CP5 Learn best through play and making decisions.

Parents and families:
We believe and value that parents and families:

CP6 Are made to feel welcome and that their values and beliefs are respected by all team members.
CP7 Have the opportunity to participate in daily activities, the program and special events.
CP8 Are aware of our open door policy, allowing opportunities for them to have input into their children’s play.
CP9 Can work together with staff to form individual partnerships that will support the development of each individual child.
CP10 Are respected regardless of age, cultural or additional needs they may have.


We believe and value that as early childhood educators we should:
CP11 Work as a team and establish respect and partnerships with parents, children and each other.
CP12 Be supportive and to use effective communication skills with all that attend our centre.
CP13 Have the opportunity to continue professional development and understanding of all aspects of early childhood education.
CP14 Be good role models. CP15 Exercise a duty of care to all children and families in our care.

We believe and value that the environment should:

CP16 Be welcoming, warm, safe, clean and caring.
CP17 Be caring to all individual and development needs and interests.
CP18 Provide educationally challenging age appropriate learning opportunities.
CP19 Be a place for parents, children and educators to feel respected, accepted, understood and supported.

The Program:
We believe and value that the program should:

CP20 Be flexible and enhance children’s developmental needs and interests.
CP21 Be inclusive for all children and families regardless of gender, cultural background and ability.
CP22 Reflect both home and centre experience.
CP23 Encourage family and children’s input.
CP24 Provide a variety of experiences throughout the day.
CP25 Offer challenging play and learning environment by providing equipment and resources for children to use and explore.
CP26 Be developmentally appropriate according to each child’s individual needs and ability.

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