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Centre Goals

Supporting the development of the whole child

We always aim to provide the highest quality care to the whole child while they are in attendance at our centre.

In relation to the Children:

We believe that each child:

  • Carers provide the highest level of care, with appropriate experiences and expectations for children of different ages
  • Has the opportunity to develop at their own pace and are able to share opinions, ideas, interests and experiences in a warm genuine atmosphere
  • Has the right to feel safe and secure and have a sense of belonging in all situations
  • Should feel part of our community and respect all cultures and special needs that are part of our everyday lives
  • Learn best through play and making decisions.

Parents and families:

We believe that parents and families:

  • Are made to feel welcome and that their values and beliefs are respected by all team members
  • Have the opportunity to participate in daily activities, the program and special events
  • Are aware of our open door policy, allowing opportunities for them to have input into their children’s play
  • Can work together with staff to form individual partnerships that will support the development of each individual child
  • Are respected regardless of age, cultural or additional needs they may have.


We believe that as Early Childhood Educators we should:

  • Work as a team and establish respectful partnerships with parents, children and each other
  • Be supportive and to use effective communication skills with all that attend our centre
  • Have the opportunity to continue professional development and understanding of all aspects of Early Childhood Education
  • Be good role models
  • Exercise a duty of care to all children and families in our care.


We believe that the environment should:

  • Be welcoming, warm, safe, clean and caring
  • Be caring to all individual and development needs and interests
  • Provide educationally challenging age appropriate learning opportunities
  • Be a place for parents, children and educators to feel respected, accepted, understood and supported.


We believe that the program should:

  • Be flexible and enhance children’s developmental needs and interests
  • Be inclusive for all children and families regardless of gender, cultural background and ability
  • Reflect both home and centre experience
  • Encourage families’ and children’s input
  • Provide a variety of experiences throughout the day
  • Offer a challenging play and learning environment by providing equipment and resources for children to use and explore
  • Be developmentally appropriate according to each child’s individual needs and ability.

Robina Town Child Care Centre is a member of the Global Sky Group.

For more information, please visit the company’s website.


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